Thursday, May 20, 2010

It is the most wonderful time...

...of the YEAR! For teachers, that is! It has been a crazy past few weeks. I am exhausted and as much as I love to visit my friend's blogs, I have to admit a bout of laziness paired with lack of creativity, has kept me from keeping tuned in. All of the business at work has kept my mind off of my lingering surgery. Yes, it is in 2 weeks, so I will not be online for at least a week. I have to have a TOTAL hip replacement. I had a tumor in the ball of my hip and now it is time to finally bite the bullet and get the damn thing taken care of. Thank GOD for my wonderful husband and my parents. The 'rents will be taking the kids to the beach. And my husband, bless his heart, will be here in Georgia with me on narcotics! Could be interesting..Maybe I should blog then? Give everyone some entertainment. Until then, I will post some inspiring things that have kept me spinning my wheels.

This one from "Just a Girl" is amazing:


  1. I hope everything is going well with the surgery. It's definitely a good time to catch up on your magazine reading. Take care!

  2. I do hope your surgery and healing process goes very well. I will certainly be praying for you.
    The Tattered Tassel

  3. Hi there! I wanted you to know that I have selected you for a blog award! Please stop by my blog to pick it up. You will need to just copy the image onto your computer and read my post about the awards and follow my lead. Thank you!


  4. Thank you for the kind words...I am having my surgery in the morning and will keep you all posted! :) Next time I blog I will have new hip!!!