Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Turkey and "Dress"ing

Every year, at Thanksgiving, I have visions of myself, dressed perfectly, carrying the turkey and turning the corner to find my family applauding at the dinner table. Everyone is getting along. No one is arguing. The children are chewing with their mouths closed and saying "Thank you mommy for cooking this amazing dinner".

Like this. See that smile on her face and the hair and make-up looking exquisite?

The real story? Kids are arguing. I am lucky to have on make-up. I am pissed at my husband for not getting ice when he went to the store. My parents are coming, but running late. Oh and the turkey? UM, that would be pre-cooked from Harry's. Thank God for you Harry. You ARE the other man in my life. But, hey! I did make the mashed potatoes!!!!

I am loving dresses that I could see myself dressed in the Thanksgiving daydream. I could, really. Really I could at least dress cute this year? Maybe no one would argue. Maybe my parents would make it on time. AND my darling sweetheart of a husband would get ice. All because of one of these dresses!

So how cute is this little navy dress?

and paired with these shoes?

or maybe for comfort...and just as cute..

Love the scarf......

And did I mention that for some odd reason, OCD maybe, that I think that "Fall" colors should be worn on Thanksgiving. We can drag out the festive colors later. But, that is just my hang up!

And then there is this dress...for when I dream of the country Thanksgiving...

with these......

or these.

I have even more ideas to share tomorrow!

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