Friday, April 9, 2010


I have five children all in the the. same. time. every other weekend. Yep. My new agenda these days is taking our small house and creating more space (or creating the strongest margarita possible...but that is another post...nervous grin). The pictures I am posting are of things that inspire me and I hope to re-create. Stay tuned, because I will make them happen. It may be a year from now, but I will make it!


  1. Welllll if your into building things KNOCKOFFWOOD has the plans for that cubbie on her SITE!! I want to do some in my laundry room for my growing family as well!! Good Luck and thanks for visiting my blog!!!!

  2. Hi and thanks for the comments! I am so glad to know there are people at least stopping by. To "US".....which one is your blog? My failing eyes make it hard to recognize your pic and when I click on your link it is blocked. :( I will definitely have to head on over to Knockoff Wood....yippee!

  3. I also need visual goals and I love yours! Good luck and I look forward to your reaching them!