Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Break 2010....what a partay!

It was nothing but a good time at my house.
Um...not. Maybe a wet t-shirt?....of sweat. Drunk?....with frustration.
So I decided to get a little crazy with only 2 hours remaining of my Spring Break.

OK, so I am not a professional and I don't play one on this blog....

BUT, this is what my husband came home to the other night...

and this...

Alrighty then....
And let me tell you he was not exactly giving me hugs and kisses. Hey now. It isn't my fault he walked in on me in the middle of one of my OCD, manic episodes. Really?
And to let you all know...this is not a post about how to decorate or how to organize. And like I said before, I literally had a few hours to come up with a plan since my kids were due home the following day. So this is what I came up with.

and then this....

even a bunny found a cozy little spot.

So please know that this is mainly for my sanity. And it was done in 2 hours with spray paint, plastic boxes, and lots and lots of toys. :)

And as a side note, the old me from the 1990's would have had an absolute heart attack if she had known that she would have ended up organizing and cleaning during her Spring Break!

Have a great weekend!

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