Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday afternoon project....

Please tell me if I am o.k. here or if I have a problem. It was a nice Sunday afternoon and all of the kids were enjoying a TV show, husband was cutting the grass, and I had about a million things to do. He had asked me for something that I had stored in my "art closet". While retrieving it, I came across an older table runner and realized "HEY! This has a similar hint of blue that my kitchen walls are sporting!" Well, that was it, and in my ADD...OCD...second of thinking...I was onto a new project. I got my glue gun, some scissors, and went to work.
In my kitchen I have those window covers that are sorta roman shades, but tie on the sides? Ya' know what I am talking about? Well, anyway, they were a bland beige. I took that table runner and showed those curtains who was boss. I cut the table runner long ways down the middle...glue gunned the cut side to the bottom of the curtain/shade/hybrid thing...and VOILA! I added color.
Does anyone else here start a project with just the slight glance of inspiration?
If so, what have you started?

Have a nice week!
*****UH...my camera is not working AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Will post pics ASAP. :!

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  1. That's hysterical!! :) I totally do that too- - my hubby knows I've gone off the deep end into my little craft world when I get this certain look on my face- - at least that's what he tells me. lol.

    You are more than welcome to put the Brag Board photo in your "Have to Do" list! :) Thank you so much for including it.

    Have a wonderful week!