Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Marriage of two Families...are we crazy or just in love?

I think we are a little bit of both. The wedding took place at a lodge, Fish Hook Point Lodge to be exact, in Blue Ridge, Georgia. It was dreamy!

With five kids between us and families coming together, it was a weekend marked with meant craziness. But love was all around and I was marrying my dreamboat.

At some point during my "I am in love and want to have a sweet, intimate, homey feeling wedding for everyone to enjoy and come together and love one another...and blah, blah, blah" mental state, I decided to do everything myself. And I mean everything. We all know what that means. I won't even go there. But the weekend ended up being everything that I wanted and all five of the children are happy. We are in love and love our new family!!!!!!!!!!! Here are some pics of the celebration.

The cake was purchased at Publix and decorated with real flowers from Harry's Farmer's Market and a bird's nest I created with two birds that are obliviously in love with 5 sweet little eggs. *Get it?*

The "V" was covered in moss and placed on the mantel of the beautiful stone fireplace and draped with a ribbon of soft white flowers and candles. The centerpieces were grapevine wreaths with flowers from Harry's placed in Mason jars. Mirrors and candles were from the dollar store. The birds and eggs found a comfy spot in the center.

Brown bags and plaid bow welcomed guests to treats of Coca-Cola, Moonpies, and S'mores.

All tables were draped in dropcloths (Oh yes I did!) purchased from Home Depot for $9.00. Those will be repurposed on my living room windows. That post to follow soon.

These here pictures are just a tip of the iceburg of the fun and festivities had by all. My dreams are coming true...a big family, a wonderful husband, and a blog. What else could a little ol' southern girl ask for?

Oh yeah.

I am craving something fried. :)


  1. I think your wedding sounds lovely. My son is recently engaged so I'm on the lookout for ideas to pass on to him. I love your dropcloths on the table idea. I'm looking forward to reading more of your ideas as you post them on the blog.

    Welcome to the blog world, by the way. I was interested to read you are a Special Education teacher as I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist working in the school setting so we see a lot of the same kind of children.

  2. There you go. I'm your first follower too.

  3. Congratulations to you and your new family! And welcome to Blog World. It's fun!


  4. Wow! I think you really did a great job. I love the cake and the decorations. Also, what a great idea with the gift bags, how cute. Congrats on your wedding. I'm originally from Georgia, born and raised in Augusta. After 22 years of being away I am moving home in 8 weeks!! I'm your newest follower. Come on over to my blog, the tattered tassel and check it out. Welcome to blogland it is great fun :)

  5. Thanks so much for joining the Celebration Party! Everything looks amazing! I love what you did with the cake. The nest on top and the precious! I can not imagine pulling something like this off and being the bride! You did an fabulous job! Congratulations and best wishes for your new family! What a way to celebrate. Welcome to the world of blogging too! You are going to fit right in with the creativity you have!

    On a different note - I want to say thank you for dedicating your life to working with autistic children. You are a blessing to many parents like myself out there. We truly appreciate what you are doing to help our children. Thank you!

  6. OK, I cried when I saw that I had new comments. I had been checking and didn't see any and how I missed them I don't know. But thank you so much for the don't know how much it made my day. And to Stephanie Lynn, working with Special Needs children has always been my passion. Autism is something that has really stolen my heart and I make a commitment daily to improve their lives. I personally do not have a child with Autism, but we battle with other issues such as ADHD and that in itself is very frustrating. I can only imagine Autism as a paretn. You are an amazing parent!

  7. Oh this looks like a lovely wedding! I love your personalized touches and the wonderful gift bags.

  8. Hello! I'll be featuring your wedding today! Stop by and grab a featured button if you like! Thanks so much for joining the Celebration Party!

    ~and Thank you for your sweet comments..they truly mean a lot!

  9. Interesting post !

  10. I just moved out in new city and checked you blog at my new home and enjoyed it. I am complete new for your blog. You really discussed very interesting concept of "Marriage of two families " :-). I am also enjoying it :-)